A feeling

Select, from a list, the feeling that best describes your current mood


A Quote

From the phrases on the topic, select the one that better ilustrates how you feel


A Photo

Add your own photo or, if you prefer, illustrate it with one of the on topic images provided


A Share

Easily share the result with your friends and the world on social networks


What's inside


Thousands of quotes

Organized and cataloged by feelings.


Hundreds of images

Hand-picked: the most beautiful pictures ever seen in a app.


User friendly

Flat and modern design with easy and intuitive usage.



Available for most of the smartphones.


How to properly use a promotional code?

Be sure you're connected to the internet (WIFI/3G), wait a couple of minutes after opening the application, select options (top right button), click "enter code" and enter the code, without quotation marks and respecting the case.

How do I access the images?

To bring up a background picture to illustrate a quote, touch and hold the screen for about two seconds. To change the image, touch again. Touching and holding for more than 5 seconds brings up the image slideshow. To stop it and select the current image, touch the screen.

Why is the selection disabled on some of the feelings?

Only 5000 quotes are available on the free version and some feelings are blocked. You can upgrade it by selecting the Options menu.

All I see is a white screen!

This is a known Android bug that we are trying to fix. It would help if you could be so kind to report us the brand and model of your smartphone.

How can I get support and/or report a problem?

Please use the form below. We'll try to be as brief as possible.


Testing this app has been a marvelous experience. It seems to read my mind!

Joana Lencastre, Betatester

Presented images are always very beautiful and perfect for each quote. Fantastic app.

João Antunes, Betatester